How to vote

07. 11. 2017

Do you want to vote in the municipal elections on 5th and 6th October?

If you are over 18 years old on at least on the second day of the elections and an EU citizen with temporary or permanent residence in Brno, you can! You can vote for the City council and also for your City-district council.

How to register

To be able to cast your ballot, there is one thing you have to do before you show up at your polling building. You have to visit your municipal district office (Úřad městské části) and let yourself enlist to the permanent electoral register.

Download the form, fill it in and hand it at your municipal district office by Oct 1st 2018, 2pm. The district has 48 hours to register you and the register closes Oct 3rd at 2pm.

The addresses of the offices are to be found here

We also made vocabulary for you to be able to fill it in even without knowledge of Czech:

  • Příjmení: SURNAME
  • Jméno: NAME
  • Rodné příjmení: SURNAME AT BIRTH
  • Pohlaví: SEX (MALE = MUŽ, FEMALE = ŽENA)
  • Datum narození: DATE OF BIRTH (DD.MM.YYYY)
  • Stát a místo narození: COUNTRY AND PLACE OF BIRTH
  • Rodné číslo ČR, je-li přiděleno: CZECH PERSONAL ID NUMBER (IF ASSIGNED)
  • Státní občanství: CITIZENSHIP
  • Adresa trvalého ČI PŘECHODNÉHO pobytu na území České republiky: RESIDENCE ADDRESS IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC
  • Datum, místo: DATE, PLACE
  • Podpis: SIGNATURE

Or let us help you!

In the past weeks, our candidate for the local mayor in Královo Pole Marek Fišer, together with the candidate for mayor in Znojmo Pavel Nevrkla who is a licensed lawyer have been organizing several enrolling events for foreigners, to make the registration even easier. Pavel verifies your signature on the form and Marek handles the rest at your local municipal office for you!

The next such event is on Monday between 5 - 7pm at Kabinet Muz.

Where to vote?

You vote at one of the polling place according to your address. It is mostly a school and you can find the your´s here Just type in your address and the app shows you the place to show up with your passport or ID on 5th and 6th October on the map. On Friday 5th, the polling place is open between 2-10pm, on Saturday the 6th between 8am - 2pm.

How to vote?

This is a bit tricky part as there are 3 possible ways to cast your ballots.

In any case, come to the polling station and show your ID or passport to the officials sitting there.

You will receive two ballots – for the city council and for the district council. Go behind the curtain where you will mark both ballots. After that, stay behind the curtain and insert them into the official envelopes you were given. One is for the city council and one for the city district council. After you come out from behind the curtain, put the envelope in the ballot box.

How to mark the ballots?

You have as many votes as there are members of the council that are being elected – for Brno city council this is 55 votes but in the districts it is less. For example Brno-střed has 45 members of city council, Královo Pole has 30 and Brno-Žabovřesky has 25.

If you want to support the whole list of a single party, you just mark a large cross in the heading of the column that has the name of the party. That is the best support to the whole party and we recommend this.

In Brno, we, Pirates, have loted number 14 for the city council, number 10 for Brno-střed, number 4 for Královo Pole and number 5 for Žabovřesky.

You can also spread your votes to candidates from different parties across the ballot paper by marking small crosses beside the names of the candidates (mark only 55 of them for Brno, 45 for Brno-střed, 30 for Královo Pole or up to 25 for Žabovřesky). If you mark more than this, your vote will be invalid.

The third way is a combination of the two systems we explained above. If you mark a cross for a party and small crosses for candidates from other parties – the candidates you marked will get your votes and the rest of your votes will go the party you marked.

Good luck!

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